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How to increase Marketing Effectiveness at your organization?
You can find it everywhere in all kinds of research reports. Whether research conducted on Marketing Spend, Sales and Marketing Alignment, Customer Engagement, CMO's challenges, Marketing Budget Allocation, etc. Management as well as marketers and brand managers are asking - if not requesting - insights on the returns of marketing investments. Guy Powell and Michiel van de Watering are working together for over a decade to assist organizations to get a grip on Marketing ROI. Now they team up with this great package deal and provide you their latest books for US$14.97 just to cover for handling and shipping. Order your copies down below today!
Become a Best-in-Class Marketer
Marketing is much more valuable than great creative and execution. Marketing must be at the top of short and long term sales achievement in a reliable and proven way. Marketers must build a marketing machine to deliver sales to meet and exceed the corporate sales plan with hard and fast predictability.
Guy Powell's Marketing Machine will help you do just that. Working from A to Z to collect the right data, to measure and model interim and final results, then to operationalize them so that marketing can be a reliable and predictable source of incremental sales to meet and exceed the corporate plan.
Increase Marketing Effectiveness
Have you ever had the experience that Marketing was not taken (too) seriously? Does senior management 'take' a piece of the marketing budget when there is a setback elsewhere in the company during the year? How about being able to proof and present Marketing's added value to the company's bottom line? 
By applying the accountability of marketing in your organization, you will be able to get the right appreciation for marketing. As a matter of fact most CEO's define Marketing as a critical part of developing strategy. The same CEO's claim that marketing has a hard time explaining the contribution to business results. 
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